Need help on Game Day??

Find the Director on Duty schedule below and find them on the fields to help out!

March 3 (9:30 to 1:30)Mamie Fullmer
March 3 (1:30 to 5:30)Greg Gitcho
March 5Brian Haegelin
March 6Mark Szygenda
March 7Louie Munin
March 8Royce Rippy
March 9Ryan Gravatt
March 19Allison Small
March 20Wheels Smith
March 21Britt Hardeman
March 22Seth Mierl
March 23Paul Nagy
March 24 (9:30 to 1:30)Winn Atkins
March 24 (1:30 to 5:30)Miguel Garcia
March 24 (5:30 to close)Ty Rarick
March 25Todd Hotz
March 26Tanner Shepard