Equipment and Uniform Rules

As a rule, NWLL provides required catcher equipment, baseballs, caps and shirts. 

NWLL Player will provide:

  • Practice attire- Most coaches prefer that players wear baseball pants and cleats during practice.
  • Gloves- IF you are not familiar with sizing a baseball glove, you should go to a local merchant for help. For younger players, try to find the largest glove the child can maneuver (close and open).  If helps if gloves are broken-in or naturally floppy.  Gloves that appear proportionate to the player are almost never large enough.  Remember, the ball is regulation in size so it is difficult to catch with a smaller glove.
  • Bats- The bat must be approved for Little League play.  This will be printed/stamped on the barrel.  Seek the help of a local merchant in sizing a bat.  You should never buy a bat without sizing it for your player.  Bats with barrels larger than 2 ¼” may not be used.  Bats manufactured specifically for T-ball play may not be used in the Rookie division or above.
  • Cleats- Little League DOES NOT allow the use of steel cleats.
  • Batting Helmet- Helmets must have a face guard on them.

NWLL will provide:

  • Uniforms- NWLL will provide hats and team jerseys.  Player will supply pants, belt and socks.
    • FYI: NWLL has adopted a policy that player’s names are not to be printed on the uniforms

Helmet Policy:

 When purchasing a helmet please remember that they must have a face guard on them.

  • Helmets must be worn in the batting cages at all times except during soft toss.
  • Bullpen catcher must wear a helmet at all times.