There are several ways to get the required paperwork from your players and your volunteers. 

The website has a system that will push the medical waivers to each of your players TeamSideline team sites.  The waivers will be populated with the players information acquired during registration, but won't quite be complete and requires a signature.  You or your teamsite coordinator can print out the form and ask the parent to sign.  You will find this form through the green document icon on the right side of the teamsite roster page. This capability will be available only have teams have been assigned and the team sites have been activated.  Don't hesitate to ask your Team Parent to help with this process.  If your parents don't choose to use the team sites you can direct them to use this LINK and they can print out the waiver directly from the website.


Your volunteers will also need to fill out forms to accommodate background checks. There is a form for returning volunteers and a form for new volunteers.  Those forms are available through the links below.

2018 Returning Volunteer application

2018 New Volunteer application