Post-season Opportunities with NWLL!


At the conclusion of the spring season at Northwest Little League there are two postseason tournaments available to players in our Majors and Minors divisions – the District 11 City Tournament (“D11”) and the Little League All-Star Tournament (“All-Stars”).

Registration for both options listed below with be through the website.

D11 is a double-elimination tournament organized by the District Administrator for Little League’s Texas District 11 (Ricky Duncum) and is open to all players of Little League age 7-12.  There is no fee to participate, and our kids will compete against teams from Balcones, Del Valle, Greater East Austin, Leander, Manor, Montopolis, South Austin, South Austin Optimist, and Western Hills Little League as they vie for the city championship.  Games are played at facilities throughout the District (including our own).  Northwest players in our Majors and Minors divisions who elect to play in the tournament will compete in the 11 & 12-year-old tournament or the 9 & 10-year-old tournament (depending on their Little League age).  There are no tryouts and teams will be formed in May and announced the week of May 22nd (with practices starting as early as Memorial Day weekend).  Games begin the first week of June and – depending on the success of the squad – may last through to the last week of June.  As a courtesy to the coaches who volunteer their time and to the other players (and their parents), please do not register if you are not certain of your player’s level of commitment or of their availability.  We expect our players to be able to make all practices and games for the duration of the D11 Tournament.

All-Stars – All-Star teams are formed in May through a selection process led by our coaches with direct oversight provided by the NWLL Board of Directors. Only those players who have registered for All-Stars online will be eligible for consideration, but players who have registered are not guaranteed to be selected.  Northwest will field three all-star teams – a 12-year-old team (the “Williamsport Team”), an 11-year-old team, and a team of 9 & 10-year-old Minors division players.  By rule, the teams will be announced on June 1st and practices begin as early as that same day.  Depending on the success of the teams, games may extend to mid-July for the two younger teams and through August for the Williamsport team (as that tournament runs through District, Section, State, Region, and National rounds, culminating with the tournament in Williamsport broadcast by ESPN each August).  Little League player eligibility rules are strictly enforced, and with very few exceptions participants must either (1) live within the formal boundaries of our league or (2) be eligible to receive special waivers due to their attendance at schools within our formal boundaries.

Please do not register your child for all-stars if he will not be eligible to participate; eligibility of each player is tested in advance of games.  We expect our all-stars to be fully committed to their team should they be selected to participate and to attend all practices and games for the duration of the tournament.

  Please note that players may only participate in one of the postseason tournaments.  However, players may register for both tournaments if they are available and interested in playing both (and if selected for an all-star team the D11 registration will automatically be cancelled).  Registration for D11 has no bearing on the selection of all-stars.