Each Northwest Little League Team has its own TeamSideline Team Site – and each Team Site already has the Coach information and Roster of Players. Dates, times and locations for Practices and Games are also added as soon as they are published.

Click here to go to www.nwll-austin.org, Sign In using the 'sign in' option in the upper right corner on the main page. Use the email address you received your initial invitation to the site, and your TeamSideline password, to sign in to the Northwest Little League site. (If you do not know your password, just click the Forgot Password link on the Sign In page.) . Once you have access you will see the link(s) to your player's team site (s).

Once in TeamSideline you can do things like click the Communication tab to communicate with your team, or click the Family & Friends tab to invite other family members and friends to get information about your team, such as game dates, times and locations.

TeamSideline is easy to use and helps make the Season fun for all. You’ll never need to ask when or where a game is again. These team sites are also compatible with your smart phone.

THERE IS ALSO A TEAM SIDELINE APP FOR YOUR SMART PHONE! This is just for your team site; the full site is not yet available in a non-browser form.

Also, if you are the team parent; ask your coaches to add you as a site administrator so you have access to add calendar events, emails to your team and updates to the site in general.

Finally, if you are not able to see your team site or log in because you have never added your information to the website- Please ask your coach to add you and link you to your specific player.

Please help your team. If you have not activated your TeamSideline Team site account, activate it now so you can get access to your team Home Page. The Home Page has the Team Calendar, Team Announcements, Roster, and Contact information. If you have not signed up for a TeamSideline account -- It's free and only takes a few minutes.