Inclement weather procedures for

Northwest Little League



Northwest Little League & Pony League Lightning Policy:

1) Every coach is required to download and use the Little League WeatherBug App that has a Spark Lightning indicator.  Parents are encouraged to download this App as well.  This App is free of charge.

2) At the sound of thunder or detection of lightning within 10 miles of the field, umpires or coaches will immediately stop the game or practice. Once 30 minutes have passed without any lightning within 10 miles, coaches or umpires may resume play. All practices are immediately cancelled in the event of thunder or detection of lightning within 10 miles.

3) All players and spectators must take shelter in a car with the windows rolled up, board room, or concession stands. Players may not shelter in the dugouts.

4) Coaches and umpires will use their discretion on whether or not to cancel the game.

5) These policies must be strictly enforced and followed at all times.



Rain Out Procedures

1.  Fields are checked between 12:00 and 3:00 and a determination is made as to field status. If the fields are too wet for play or are unable to dry sufficiently for field prep and play, then games will be called. The website will say fields are "closed".

2.  If the weather is questionable, please be aware we will try to play games rather than postpone games.  Every effort will be made to get the fields ready.  The safety of the children, however, is our first priority. Although we want games to be played, we will not do that at the risk of the children.

3.  Early morning rains do not necessarily mean games are off.  If the afternoon is hot and windy, the fields can drain and be prepared for play.

4.  As a general rule of thumb, if there is standing water on the infield dirt, or if you stand on the dirt and sink then stay off the fields.  On fields 3 and 4 it is just as important to be aware of the saturation of the grass.  If there is sliding on the grass, standing water, water that comes to the ground when you stand on it (in golf known as casual water) and the grass is torn up easily, stay off the fields.  On those days, if you have to hit and field some balls do this in the cages or in the open area behind field 3.

5.  If rain comes after the start of games, the umpires and director of the day (DOD) should coordinate with the coaches about a plan.  Ultimately, the call for continuing or postponing the game falls to the umpire. If the umpire is a youth umpire, the decision will be in coordination with the DOD.

6.  Any lightning should be treated with serious caution.  There is a 20 minute minimum delay from the last strike to when the next pitch can be thrown. 

Please follow these rules of use at NWLL.  We take pride in safety and in the quality of the fields.  We ask that you do as well.